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Computerised Gait Analysis

Sperrin Foot Clinic Gait Analysis

Computerised Gait Analysis

When assessing the structure, alignment and function of the feet and lower limb, Sperrin Foot Clinic also use The GaitScan system. This is an innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device that allows us to analyse patient biomechanics. With 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300Hz (frames per second), GaitScan is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capability.

Patients we commonly assess in clinic complain of:

- foot, knee, hip or low back pain
- arthritic pain
- soft tissue or lower limb tendon problems
- sports injuries

Combining diagnostic and educational capabilities, Sperrin Foot Clinic can provide a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation for each patient. In-depth reports give access to over one million data points which break down deviations from optimal biomechanics and assist in effectively diagnosing & prescribing orthotic solutions.

Why not watch the video on the link below to see what is involved or contact us today to arrange an assessment.

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